St John's Sports Club

What time and where do we meet?

The emphasis of the Sports Club remains on ensuring maximum fun and participation and since September 2013 the changes by our team of volunteers have continued.

We have a qualified football coach from Leyton Orient FC, who has joined the coaching team and works with the older children (10yrs and above). There are other volunteers who have joined the coaching team and are being encouraged to develop as a coach with the opportunity of working alongside our qualified coach in the Spring/Summer terms.

Alongside the children’s coaching sessions and matches, the dads are encouraged (after watching their children for half an hour) to take part in a small football match led by our Vicar! This has proved very popular with new friendships being built.

Two or three of the parents have kindly offered their support in assisting the eight regular coaches during sessions. The club is incredibly popular with approximately 50 – 60 children attending each week; so this extra resource is very welcome and valued.

Since March 2014, “Player of the Match” has been replaced with “Coach’s Champion” where each coach nominates their “champion” of the session based on things such as hard work or effort, sportsmanship, performance, behaviour, improvement etc. The nominated child receives a badge to wear and take home.

With 2014 being World Cup year, the Sport Club will be commemorating the occasion with its own World-cup-themed tournament and challenges in the few weeks building up to the day of the World Cup Final. On World Cup Final day (Sunday 13th June), children and parents will be invited to the St Johns Picnic on Monoux field where there will be food, music, games and of course, football! Children will participate in their own world cup final

What time and where do we meet?

We meet on the George Monoux College playing field next door to the church on Chingford Road, Walthamstow between 10-11am